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Cleanser Range

Pre Cleanse Oil

This beautiful Pre Cleanse Oil balances the skin’s natural epidermal lipids, and repairing the skin. Bringing impurities from the pores and follicles to the surface, this prepares the skin for the most effective cleanse.

Cream Cleanser

Containing ingredients such as Lecithin and Vitamin E, this cleanser is for EFAD and Lipid Dry skin. Supporting the skin’s barrier functions, while natural cleansing agents gently cleanse and restructure the skin.

Gel Cleanser

Gently cleanses the skin with natural cleansing agents, this cleanser targets acneic and problematic skin. BHA’s provide a slow penetrating action, meaning less surface reaction. Calming inflammation and reducing bacteria.

Pigment Range

Pigment Cleanser

Step 1 of 3 specialised pigmentation products. Lactic Acid, an effective Tyrosinase Inhibitor, treats the effected Melanocyte Cells, while Lecithin and Linseed Oil support the skin’s natural barrier functions.

Pigment Serum


Step 2 of 3 specialised pigmentation products. Contains Sepiwhite an effective MSH Inhibitor and Niacinamide an effective Melanasome Transfer Inhibitor. While Hyaluronic Acid increases water levels in the skin

Pigment Moisturiser


Step 3 of 3 specialised pigmentation products. Contains Aloesin an effective Dopa and L-Dopa Phosphate Inbibitor, along with Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Licorice Extract and Vitamins A, C & E. Squalene also helps to strengthen barrier function. All 3 products must be used together to achieve optimal results with pigmented skin disorders.

Moisturiser Range

Repair Moisturiser

Step 1 in our Treatment Moisturiser range. Designed to repair the skin’s barrier function and acid mantle, therefore creating a healthy epidermis. Contains Echcium Oil for it’s anti-inflammatory properties, making it the perfect choice for eczema and psoriasis. Also contains Vitamin A for DNA cell repair and Vitamin E for general cell health.

Strengthen Moisturiser

Step 2 in our Treatment Moisturiser range. Designed to take your skin to the next level. Contains Kiwi Seed Oil to boost the skin’s Omega 3 levels, along with Vitamin A for DNA cell repair and Vitamin C for collagen stimulation, strengthening of capillary network and pigment fading.

Optimal Moisturiser

Step 3 in our Treatment Moisturiser range. Designed to give your skin the optimal amount of essential vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. Contains Kiwi Seed Oil to boost the skin’s Omega 3 levels, along with the highest amount of both Vitamin A and C, plus Calcium Phosphate which strengthens the Keratinocyte – meaning a stronger, healthier more youthful skin.

Spray Range

Anti-Ageing Spray

This powerful anti-aging spray works on multiple levels, combining ingredients such as Argireline a natural form of topical Botox, Matrixyl for long term collagen production and Green Tea Extract to protect the skin from free radical damage. While Hyaluronic Acid assists the skin to hold more free water.

Anti-Acne Spray

This anti-acne spray includes
anti-bacterial and anti-microbial Tea Tree Oil, along with Panthenol to reduce inflammation, itchiness and irritation. While Urea allows for much needed hydration and mild exfoliation.

Hydrating Spray

Using the best hydrating ingredients this spray allows for the best possible free water content in the skin. Both Hyaluronic Acid and NMF assist with water content meaning better enzyme activity and supported barrier function. While Spirulina protects the skin, increasing cell turnover and helping with the wound healing process

Miracle Oils Range

Omega 3 Treatment Oil

Our number 1 selling product, developed in 2010 this has been a miracle oil for a multitude of skin conditions. Containing pure NZ Kiwi Seed Oil this is a high level Omega 3 topical treatment. With 61% ALA this topical oil treats Essential Fatty Acid Deficient skin, along with skin disorders such as eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, acne and general ageing.

Intensives Range

Anti-Aging Serum

A powerhouse serum with ingredients such as Co Enzyme Q10 to tone and firm the skin, Matrixyl to stimulate new collagen growth, along with Grapeseed Extract to provide exceptional antioxidant protection.

Hydrating Serum

Hyaluronic Acid in a clean stable form means the skin is getting the full effect from this powerful ingredient. Able to hold 1000 times its own weight in water, for optimal free water levels in the skin.

Post Needling Treatment

An essential product for use at home 5 days post clinical dermal needling. Boswellia and Green Tea Extract work to decrease the inflammatory stage and support the strength of new collagen fibers. While Kiwi Seed Oil and Linseed Oil continue to protect the skins barrier function.

Vitamin C Power Serum

A truly powerful serum, Vitamin C stimulates collagen production, aids in the fading of pigmentation and helps strengthen capillary walls. Combined with Hyaluronic Acid, which holds 1000 times it’s own weight in water. Meaning better enzyme activity, supported barrier function and cell communication. A potent serum for a multitude of skin concerns.

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