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Why corneotherapy could be exactly what your skin needs?

Smooth, clear, supple, healthy – all words we crave when we think about our skin. At Prologic Australia, we know that skincare goes beyond the outer layer; healthy, happy skin begins below the surface, which is why we are so excited Prologic Skin Care’s foundations are built-on corneotherapy.

What is corneotherapy or corneotherapeutic skincare?

First things first, what exactly is corneotherapy? Put simply, corneotherapeutic skincare focuses on repairing your skin’s defence systems. Corneotherapy draws on knowledge of physiology, biochemistry, and biology of the skin, with a particular focus on the stratum corneum which is the very outer epidermic layer.

Research by Albert Kligman highlights the role that the stratum corneum, in particular the lipid barrier, plays in keeping your skin healthy. Think of the lipid barrier as the first port of call for regeneration signals, which will cause the deeper layers of your skin to renew, leading to revitalised, healthy skin. Kligman found that common skin concerns such as redness and discomfort are the result of an immune response in the deeper layers and by treating these you can solve the outer problems – a kind of outside-in approach.

What corneotherapy treatments are available?

The key finding of Kligman’s research is that the outer layer of the stratum corneum is biologically functional, and this understanding has allowed the development of various corneotherapy products and interventions that deliver topical treatment and encourage healthy, happy skin.

Prologic offers corneotherapy from specially trained practitioners, with a deep knowledge of the science behind the therapy so you can be sure the products and practices are carefully selected to meet the unique needs of your skin – corneotherapy is the closest you’ll get to completely tailor-made skincare.


Human Skin Tissue
Human Skin Tissue impacted

Who can have corneotherapy?

Corneotherapy is suitable for most skin concerns and is especially beneficial for issues around structural inflammation such as EFAD, ichthyosis, eczema and xerosis as well as barrier disorders such as atopic dermatitis. It also has a significant impact on preventing the premature ageing of the skin’s outer layer.

Why is corneotherapy so effective?

One of the main benefits is that corneotherapeutic skincare offered by Prologic is completely free of harmful side effects, especially when compared with treatments that revolve around traditional topical pharmaceuticals. Corneotherapy is a preventative proactive therapy, and as such can reduce the need for repeated application of familiar products such as cortisone or steroids.

By solving the problems below the surface, corneotherapy has a direct impact on barrier defence systems that may have been damaged by external forces such as perfume and pollutants, as well as disease.

Corneotherapeutic practice works to restore homeostasis and maximise the function of these barriers, bringing together the key principles of science and cosmetology to treat causes as well as symptoms. This holistic approach moves away from reliance on pharmacological solutions towards gaining a thorough understanding of underlying causes and offering a bespoke solution to these problems.

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