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Ethical, progressive and corneotherapeutic skin care of the future is here…

Our History

Based in Wellington New Zealand, Prologic has been formulated with the higher UV index in the southern hemisphere in mind. This has resulted in a skincare range that considers all factors contributing to skin conditions in the South Pacific.

Prologic ticks the boxes that so many can’t. A NZ owned, operated and manufactured skin care range, that is also vegan friendly, natural and places sustainability and ethical processes at the top of it’s core values. All products are made in a cGMP Laboratory.

Working on strengthening the skin barrier defence system and balancing epidermal lipids, Prologic focuses on building strong foundations first, then slowly targeting specific skin concerns.

By using ingredients that imitate the processes found in young healthy skin, Prologic delivers optimal results using natural skin identical ingredients to preserve the epidermis and the skin barrier defence system.

Preserving the epidermis means protecting and strengthening the skins most important cells resulting in strong, healthy and youthful skin.

Prologic Skincare Australia Gel Cleanser

Prologic Skincare

Ethical & Sustainable

Being a conscious and progressive brand, a lot of thought has gone into how we created Prologic and it’s positive impact on the NZ economy, while having minimal impact on the environment.
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NZ Made

We are proudly NZ owned, operated and manufactured. It was really important to us to support local businesses and have a very strong NZ story. We used local NZ business to source all of our packaging, print our labels and boxes, do all of our design work and most importantly manufacture our product.
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We aspire to have as minimal impact on the environment as possible. We are proud to have FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) accreditation for our boxes and labels, this means they come from a sustainable and fair trade source. Ink used in printing our packaging is plant based, containing no chemical toxins or poisons.
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100% Recyclable

All packaging and bottles are 100% recyclable and consists of aluminum, glass and recyclable plastic.
All of our formulations are created with both the skin and environment in mind, all ingredients are eco-friendly and do not have a negative impact on the microbiome of the skin or the environment. 

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Prologic prides itself on ethical processes, a 100% vegan skin care product that stands behind absolutely no animal testing. We work with suppliers that also believe in being ethical companies. Doing the best by their brand, business, staff and customers.

Meet The Women Behind The Brand

Being a conscious and progressive brand, a lot of thought has gone into how we created Prologic and it’s positive impact on the NZ economy, while having minimal impact on the environment.
Prologic Skincare Founder Rachel Robertson

Rachel Robertson


RACHEL ROBERTSON is the founder of Prologic Skincare. Beginning her career as a hands on Skin Therapist, Rachel has travelled the world gaining experience and knowledge to help her build her brand. With a focus on continual education and a desire to create her own product line, Rachel completed her post graduate training in cosmetic chemistry. This culminated into further research into corneobiology, the science behind the Prologic Skincare range.

Prologic has a strong connection to corneobiology and corneotherapy. Rachel’s success boils down to hard work, strong ethics and determination. Rachel is a passionate entrepreneur dedicated to educating the industry and creating a product range that she is not only proud of, but one that has been carefully formulated to produce positive results and combat a range of skin conditions.

Prologic Skincare Australia Paula Cliffin

Paula Cliffin

Skin Specialist

PAULA CLIFFIN has been appointed the Exclusive Australian Distributor of Prologic Skincare. Paula trained and started her career 3 decades ago in New Zealand. She has owned and operated businesses in both NZ and Australia. She attributes her success as a specialist Facialist / Corneotherapist to constant post-graduate training  – with a particular interest in caring for oncology and auto-immune challenged clients.

A very important part of how she has chosen to practice and live her life, has been her sustainability footprint. Her clinic has been part of a resource recovery organisation called Sustainable Salons ANZ for many years. Prologic will also be part of this incredible movement. Education has always been the cornerstone of how she practices, as well as a huge commitment to sustainability in everything she does.

What Our Stockists Say

"I chose Prologic because it meets all my requirements. Its ingredients are safe and the products are formulated with health and wellness in mind. The products are extremely effective and can dramatically transform the health of the skin in a few simple steps. The brand ethos are incredible, the sustainability focus is unmatched and you can tell that Prologic truly cares about people and the planet which is very hard to find in the beauty industry. It truly ticks all the boxes for health-conscious skin care professionals who have a deep understanding of the skin and how truly impactful (both positively and negatively) skin care ingredients can be. The support I have received from Prologic has been really impressive. I have worked with so many different businesses and can honestly say that working with Paula Cliffin from Prologic has been such a pleasure. I am grateful for the support, training and resources made available from Prologic and I’m really excited to continue working together.”

Shanyn Capodiferro
Dermal Therapist, Flawless Skin Science

"Prologic would have to be my favourite Advanced Skincare range. I’m so happy with the high quality ingredients, and also the care and time taken to present these products. I love how Prologic has gone above and beyond to source sustainable ingredients and packaging. It is definitely the way of the future.

So far my favourite products are the popular Omega 3 oil, which has helped my young daughter with her eczema breakouts. Also the Pre Cleanse oil, with the beautiful rose aroma before you start your cleansing routine. It is pleasent and calming.

It has to be the most impressive brand I have come across as a Skin therapist and I am so excited to be using it for myself and my clients and can’t wait to see more amazing results.”

Kelly Hayes
Heavenly Skin & Beauty Studio

“I was initially drawn to Prologic because it was one of only a few high potency, scientific and corneotherapy based skincare ranges created and produced in New Zealand. With a range developed specifically for skin conditions that we routinely work with, it did not take me long to fall in love with Prologic. I love that each product only contains ingredients that benefit the skin, and you know what each and every ingredient does. I also love that although it is a small, compact range you are able to treat a broad range of skin concerns.”

Nicole Webb
Finalist NZ Therapist of the Year 11/12

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